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Khadi is een papiersoort gemaakt van 100% katoengaren en is afkomstig van Karnataka in India. Dit papier is zeldzaam en het is uiterst sterk en duurzaam. Het is handgemaakt, vel per vel, en er wordt geen gebruik gemaakt van zuren.

Artist & creator Victoria combineert dit papier met haar printtechnieken met als resultaat "some fine pieces of art"

Je kan dit werk rechtop zetten, ophangen met tape of een draadje of inlijsten.


640 gr


KHADI RAG PAPERS are made in Karnataka, South India. 
They are made from 100% cotton rag. Cotton rags have longer fibres than linters which are the short fluffy fibres of the cotton seed often used in papermaking. Genuine rag papers are rare and it is the fibre length of this raw material that gives Khadi rag papers their exceptional strength and durability. The cotton rag that is used comes from T-shirt cuttings, a reliable source of pure woven cotton. 
Rags are pulped in a Hollander beater. Neutral pH internal size is added at this stage. Khadi rag papers are the only handmade papers in India made with neutral pH size and so they are the only ones that are genuinely acid free. 
Handmade papers are made sheet by sheet, not in a continuous roll. Cotton fibres in suspension in water are poured onto a paper mould which is a hand held wooden frame with a stainless steel wire mesh draining surface. 
The sheet is formed on the mould in a vat of water. On top of the mould is a removable frame called a deckle which holds the pulp in place. The process involves a very small amount of fibre and a lot of water. The characteristic deckle edges of the sheet of paper come from the slippage of pulp between the deckle and the mould. 
The mould is lifted from the vat and the sheet is laid or couched onto a woollen felt. Another felt is placed on top and the process is repeated. When a pile of sheets interleaved with felts has been made they are pressed in a hydraulic press to remove excess water. 
Rough surfaced papers retain the impression of the woollen felt. Smooth papers are cold pressed between zinc sheets. 
Papers are then loft dried.

640 gr

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