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Stunning, dat is het minst wat je kan zeggen over deze handgemaakte wallhangings van Sidai Designs. Alle juwelen en muurdecoratie worden met de hand gemaakt door de Maasai.

14 x 20 cm.


A small wall hanging from the Boma collection. This collection is inspired by the white traditional ceremonial jewelry worn in Maasai villages, which we have transformed into artwork for your home.
Total W 7” x H 13” glass beaded wall hanging with double beaded fringe finish. 
Your chosen piece is 100% handmade by one of our 120 Maasai beaders in Tanzania, so no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. With different hands crafting each piece, Sidai Designs celebrate the uniqueness of the slight irregularities and differences between them, truly making them one of a kind. 

By making your purchase, you have helped to provide our workers with a living wage. You have helped to provide regular social programs for our team. You have helped enable women and girls to go on to help their community.



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