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De smoked wood collectie van het Amsterdamse label Urban Nature Culture is een streling voor het oog. Mooi diepzwart afgewerkt mangohout en elegante vormen. De collectie is foodsafe en laat je gerechten er top uitzien. Ook mooi als decoratie.

35 x 4 cm.


As organic as it is, every miniature detail of nature seems to be perfectly organised. From the regenerating power of plants and trees, with leaves turning green and flowers blossoming as soon as those first spring rays of sunshine appear, to the smallest, most refined wood figures in trees, different in every bit of wood. That incredible structure, the natural appearance of wood, is one of the many things you’ll love about Urban Nature Culture’s Expressive serving plate. Made of mango wood, one of the most versatile and planet-friendly lumber there is, its finish is smoked wood, carrying a deep, dark ebony color. Handmade in India, it’s sure to find a spot in your urban interior.




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